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    A new project for one of our important and big customers.

    New Military & Ruggedize Digital Intercom system for installation in a command room and in the field.
    Military and ruggedize operational and smart panels.
    Integration with customer Military radio's, recording, Military amplified Speakers, internal Alarm system, connected with a PC and Military field headsets.
  • VOIP - VCOM WebRTC System for Command Room

    SysDo Company is proud to represent INTRACOM company for VOIP system based on VCOM WebRTC and SONIM company for Ultra-Rugged LTE/WiFi/Android SmartPhone. 

    VCOM is an all software, non-blocking, multi-channel/multi-access Intercom over IP, based on a dedicated server, multiple client architecture.

    Intercom’s new VCOM WebRTC capture and live-stream function allows you to stream video from your smartphone to one or more VCOM users simultaneously.
    VCOM live streams are high quality, low-latency and work over WiFi, cellular, or satellite.   


    New Functionality Including:

    • Live video capture & streaming from smartphones
    • Multi-channel video monitoring & routing
    • Precise geolocation and mapping of all users
    • Seamless telephony / IP-PBX integration 
    • Group chat
    • Programable alerts

    /GoopSitesFiles/61932/User/Upload/VCOM WebRTC.pdf


    SYSDO VS-1 is a unique Ultra-Rugged Cellphone and he is an essential component for Industrial applications & Mission Creitical Solution.

    VS-1 is full of features and abilities that are only available in this phone -- Your Solution Is Perfect You Don’t Settle For Less Than The BEST.