Portable Hands Free for Mountain Rose

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The system combines a cradle in connection to special radio/
phone Type Mountain ROSE while allowing speech and hearing ability freely in 3 configurations.
►Metal and ruggedizes case. 
►The system is qualified to work in the field, open area, command room or military vehicle. 
►Ability for operate the radio without hand contact. 
► The operator can select one of the three Modes. 
     2 modes are for working personally and 1 mode for working in open space area.
     A. Via handset with PTT button 
     B. Via headset includes PTT button 
     C. For open space via internal speaker, microphone and PTT. 
►System voltage: 220vac or 12VDC/0.5A

Model: SHPV101/SHPV11A
Catalog number: SHSPV101/SHPV11A
Manufacturer name: SYSDO LTD

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Portable Hands Free for Mountain Rose
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