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SysDo Company is proud to represent INTRACOM company for VOIP system Introducing VCOM WebRTC. 

VCOM is an all software, non-blocking, multi-channel/multi-access Intercom over IP, based on a dedicated server, multiple client architecture.

VCOM readily interfaces with other communications systems, is easily deployed, and enables complex communications scenarios without geographical limitations.

New Functionality Including:

  • Live video capture & streaming from smartphones
  • Multi-channel video monitoring & routing
  • Precise geolocation and mapping of all users
  • Seamless telephony / IP-PBX integration 
  • Group chat
  • Programable alerts  
SysDo is full integrator for VCOM system with ability to supply different types of client work station which can be adapt and design corroding customer requirements.

VCOM system can be integrate with different type of radios, ability to control radio via client work station, very sophisticate, hi-tech and modern GUI.

VCOM have the ability, manage and transfer VIDEO over IP so client can receive the image as part of his touch screen.

Client work station can be any cell phone, IPAD or tablet - VCOM is high performance system and its the answers to most of the customers applications as for the ground command room, field, vehicle or as a flight command room.

experience and knowledge in VCOM system is an advantage- we know how to manage the program, We have the ability of project which is based on full turnkey including installation, technical support and any accessories that customer/system needs.  

We serve our customer 24/7 and we have open line for any request, upgrade or just a question - actually we connect straight forward with INTRACOM engineer around the world in USA - CA, NJ or in South Korea as well.  

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VOIP - VCOM WebRTC for Command Room VOIP - VCOM WebRTC for Command Room